Some of the Wacky Features of Slots

Online Casino India games have symbolized luck, and they have grown to become the fad for many people over the past decades. Among all the casino games, it is slots that have generated the greatest number of fans which include both experienced gamblers and novices. Free spins were a novel idea back in the day when slots were starting to allure players. When cool facets weren’t a part of slots, free spins were the most revolutionary feature of slots. Other features have been added to the game as the time passed and has the people engrossed. Game developers have incorporated many such features in the past decade and have garnered more fans with these interesting concepts that make slots stand out in the indian online casino games. While some of these aspects of the game are exciting, several others are extremely confusing and odd. Here are some of those slots features that are strange, which you need to understand in order to leverage them.

1.      Buying Bonus

While most of the rewards given in slots are generated randomly, here, you get to purchase a round of mmc 996 india bonus. The buy option is listed among options of betting, which you can use to get a chance to spin again for a better profit. When the feature is bought, the bonus gets triggered automatically on the next spin. The amount you pay to purchase this bonus round would be much higher compared to the bet, and it will also depend on the slot machine you are playing. You might look onto this feature as an expensive one, but it pays off the amount with the splendid outcomes.

2.      Colossal Reels

What may seem like a completely different casino game is a variation of slots with a few features having been added to it. With a 12×5 set on the right and a 3×5 group on the left, the game has its biggest feature of 100 paylines. These two sets of reels offer the gambler with plenty of chances to win on each spin.


3.      Rotating Reels

Unlike in the conventional slot machines where the reels stay stationary, in the rotating reels, the reels keep rotating around to make it the oddest feature in slots. When a bonus round is triggered, the first spin is performed in the bonus, and the regular spin ends. Reels rotate 90 degrees four times to come back to the original position. After every turn, the reel is evaluated for any chance for you to win new prizes. Only the bonus rounds in certain s slot offer the rotating reels, which is definitely worth your time.

4.      Climbing Wild Symbols

Wild icons are substitutes to other symbols, which will help in forming payouts. They remain on the screen only for a single spin. There is a different section called the climbing wild symbols which can stay on the screen for more than one round. After every spin, these symbols will move up one row. They start at the bottom of the screen to continue spinning until how the landing positions decide it to be.

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